Yurt Cafe – my fav place in Limehouse, London

During the last 10 months I have been living in London. In that time I have visited many cafés in the city and today I’m opening a section on the blog talking about Yurt Cafe. I will talk about different coffee shops and smalls places to eat and have a coffee in the city avoiding fast food restaurants. No doubt Yurt coffee has been the most welcoming place. The menu is varied, they have breakfast, lunch and dessert with vegan and vegetarian options. This is a very important point for us. I am a vegetarian but I try not to eat dairy and rarely eggs.

Location: Based in St. Katharine Precinct, next to Limehouse station. It is not a central location, if you’re a tourist probably is not the best place to go. But you can visit it if you’re staying in this area. If you live in the city, or don’t you come as a tourist, it is worth getting in a day off. That is another point in favor, there isn’t a place frequented by tourists. What makes it a quiet space to enjoy your coffee and work.

Opening hours: from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. but kitchen closes at 3 pm.

Design: The gardens are full with tables. The perfect spot to stop on a sunny day (if you’re lucky). If you are visiting Yurt Café in a cold or rainy day London, inside you will feel it as home. They have a small fireplace/stove and a very rustic deco based on wood and DIY. They have created a space in harmony with the design of tables and  irregulars chairs. In the attached yurt they have a space with blankets, tables and a children’s play area. The boards behind the bar will show you the menu and if you look at the counter you will find the dishes of the day.

Food: First of all, the price. Very cheap for what we are used to in London. The best thing is that the quality is not affected by the price of the dishes. On our visit we tried two main dishes, two cafes, a tea (one vegan and one vegetarian) and two desserts for 21 pounds. You will also find sandwiches, toasts, dishes, stews and soups. BTW by non dairy milks they charge 30 p extra.

I chose “Chef Vegan Stew”, a stew of beans with seasonal squash, tomatoes and other vegetables of season that stood out for spicy, accompanied by bread, something very typical in England. I’m not very fan of the spicy but I must admit that the mix os spices and veggies was amazing, and was the best choice for a day when the wind chill was 3 degrees. Meanwhile Leo asked the eggs Rancheros, a Mexican recipe that stands out due to the combination of tomato and refried beans with the crisp touch of the pico de gallo. For dessert, we chose a Cronut with marsmallow and hazelnuts cream and an almond Cake. If I go back without a doubt, I will ask another Cronut.

Without a doubt he would return to this place.



Fotos: Leo Hidalgo (@yompyz)


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