What to wear in my Prom

Hi guys! If you don’t know this is my last year of colleage. I’m studying communication, my 4th year. But in July I have my prom and girls are now looking for dresses and rompers not to wear the same. As I told in my Instagram Stories I’m going to do a expensive travel in February so I can’t waste lot of money in a dress but in Internet you can find cheap prom dresses (click here) like this one that I love (only 50$).

I love that option but everyone knows how I love backless clothes. If you like them I found in this website a backless prom dresses (click here) section. Perhaps is the perfect day to choose that dress that has the most beautiful back. I think between those who I have seen I’ll take the blue one.


Although actually I think that it more difficult is deciding between short prom dresses or long prom dresses. My prom mis going to be at evening, so I think that a long dress is a hit. But one short is always more comfy, and more in my city that gets very hot in July.


I know I have lot of time but I need to think what I want, in which color, in what shape… Times flies and I don’t want to decide at the last minute.

What color you recommend meaccording to my color of hair and skin? Let me know don’t below!


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