Our First Day in NYC: visiting Brooklyn.

Three years ago I started to save money to do a travel in my last year of university with one of my bestfriends. Sole and I wanted to do a special travel, something big… and after all we can pay us a travel to New York!! The city is just A M A Z I N G. It’s A W E S O M E. I could say hundreds of word to describe New York City and I can say everyone should have the opportunity to visit it.

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We decided to go to Brooklyn in our first day in the big apple. I almost cry for the excitement when I saw for the first time the skyline of Manhattan. We just take de subway in our hotel and go directly to Brooklyn Bridge Station. Then we went to Dumbo and.. OMG. I had wanted to go to that street for many years and I was there. It was such a happy day for me!!

After an hour on that street taking pictures and talking we move along to the Brooklyn Bridge Park and saw the Skyline of New York for the first time, I will never forget that moment.

About 13:30 we were sooo hungry (we spend more than an hour in the park) so we started to find a place to eat. I listened a lot about Delis so we found one in Brooklyn were I could try the famous Mac and Cheese. They were so yummy… I loved it! When I was in USA many years ago I didn’t get to try them because they seem so cheesy and maybe I didn’t like it. But this time I need to eat them and I did it the first day!

When we finished we had to return to the cold streats of Brooklyn (Think it was 7ºC at 14:00) to continue visiting Brooklyn. We were walking for hours. I think we visited non touristic places of Brooklyn but we love them so much. But with the sunset we decided to return to Manhattan to see Times Square… I don’t know why but er decided to get down of the subway at Rockefeller station. When we exit we were at 5th avenue and…. It was astonishing!

I went to New York to be born again.

Its too difficult to describe my feelings because I fell in love with every place we visit! It was like being in a movie with two of my favorites. I love to remember every moment we live because life is an adventure that you only life once. And remember the motto of this blog: Collect moments, not things.

Love you!!

Photographer: Leo Hidalgo (@yompyz)

Bea Represa (@itsbeaphy)


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