Visiting Barranco Blanco in Costa del Sol

Good morning babys!! I just finished my morning workout! It seems that this week the weather is going to be colder (it is normal, we are in October).  But two days ago I was surfing in Cadiz to almost 30 degrees! It seems that summer isn’t over yet so we need to keep doing water activities. What could be better than going to a site that we had never gone!? We was in Barranco Blanco (coin) one of the best rivers routes in Málaga.

To get there we take an exit not paved between Coín and Alhaurín el Grande. There is a sign that indicated that in summer you can’t drive more because of the private properties. With that we decided to leave the car up and get walking. The road is poorly stated, but if we continue down the road we have a bridge to the left and a road to the right. You have to take the one on the right. Now if you continue going down you will meet again to find another bridge which marks the beginning of the route.


As you can the route is so beautiful! You have the option of going trough a path that is on the left side of the River, but we decided to go up into the river. In the first few metres we find natural pools, the water was cool but very clean and with the heat that is appreciated to be wet. As you can see I got directly in a swimsuit, to avoid concerns. Just where it is this hanging rope there is a deep super pool (in that section there is no path and you have to swim Yes or Yes). As you can see, it is necessary to carry a watertight bag because sometimes you don’t have foot. If you want to bring cell phones, cameras or any other object that may break (car keys) it is necessary, but well worth the experience.

What time is best to go? We were after lunch and the back was very cold. The sun goes down between the cliffs before sunset and be wet doesn’t help. I think it would go very early in the morning.



Photos by Leo Hidalgo (@yompyz)


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  1. Un sitio espectacular.

    Te dejo mi nuevo post de inspiración otoñal.

  2. miriam says: Reply

    Que fotos mas bonitas! siempre he querido ir a barranco blanco y nunca he ido jajaja me encanta el bañador cielo, un besito

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