5 tips to Travel to Morocco

Have you ever thought to visit Morocco? I am sure that over the years you’ve seen thousands of photos of bloggers, influencers, youtubers… by Moroccan spots. Morocco is an amazing country. Its landscapes, its gastronomy, its people … makes your trip an unforgettable and special experience. The bad thing is that we have all heard more than once some bad opinion about Morocco. What creates us prejudices. But if you are reading this post it’s because you want to visit the country and for that reason I am going to give you 5 important tips when travelling in Morocco.

  1. Be open-minded – the most important thing is to leave prejudices aside. You must forget all the bad things you’ve heard about Morocco. It’s a country whose culture is very different from ours so that everything can be a surprise. Listen to their traditions, try to follow their way of living. We often have thoughts negatives that lead us to be afraid… did know that the rate of violence and crime in Morocco is very low? You must always be careful, in the tourist places there are pickpockets as well in the rest of the world. But don’t let that fear ruin your trip.
  2. Water always bottled –  Moroccan tap water isn’t bad. The high content of mineral salts from water of Morocco can make you spend most of your trip in the bathroom. Our body is not used to tolerate these levels and therefore it is normal that it release the stomach if we drink tap water. But don’t be paranoid!! To rinse the teeth after brushing it isn’t necessary to use natural mineral water, and if you swallow a little bit of water it won’t happen anything. In fact, there are people who tolerated it, but I would not risk.
  3. Don’t be afraid to say NO – in Morocco there is too many people selling on the street. At the entrance of the store, you’ll see one or two people also to attract clients. How much more tourists you looks like, more people are going to try to buy you things. Sometimes they can insist a lot trying to sell you something and if you don’t want to buy it’s better to be direct: say no and continue your way. It seems rude and at the beginning it is difficult to say no and keep walking, but it depends on that you keep moving during your visit.
  4. Pedestrians don’t have priority – be careful when crossing the road! In Morocco cars are the Kings of the street. If you’re a little observer It won’t take you more than 10 minutes to realize how to drive in Morocco. In my case I went by bus two times and was hard to remove attention from the road because at any moment you could witness an outrage at the wheel. When you go through the cities remember do not come down from the sidewalk.
  5. You are free to dress as you like – but with respect. They are used to receiving tourists and Theyknow that our culture is more open related in what to wear. But we can’t forget that we are in a very different country. Very short or very low-cut clothes may offend the elderly, which are attached in the tradition. Perhaps when it comes to the suitcase you should seek to wear a long skirt rather than a miniskirt. But I repeat, nobody will get nothing for the legs to the air. One of the best things about travel is to learn and experience the culture in which we are plunged. Clothing even though it may not seem it is a form of expression whose importance in Morocco is high.

If you still don’t feel 100% safe travel to Morocco look for an agency that organizes travel in groups. I know how it works since I’ve gone to Morocco working as a photographer with a travel agency: Malaga South Experiences. It is not the only company that organizes travel but is what I know and therefore that I speak. Travelling with a local guide when you arrive in Ceuta and in each city pick up a specific guide to complete your experience. Not only travelling with guide, going with a team of coordinators and photographers that make your experience unforgettable. There are many ways of travelling, but for fear do not stay without knowing a country so rich in culture. MSE offers two trips: Northern Morocco and the experience of sleeping in the Sahara.

This last week we were in the Sahara after a long bus ride. There are no words to describe that sand, that evening, the stars, the feast at the stake, dawn… everything is a show. A unique experience. That Yes, if you go in December id well sheltered, we spent a cold…-4 ° slept in the Sahara.




Fotos: Leo Hidalgo (@yompyz)


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