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In my first 21 years of life I hadn’t visited Portugal. I hadn’t seen their beaches, their towns, their nature. In April of this year, two days before my birthday I had the first opportunity to travel to the neighboring country. I visited Lisbon and the surrounding areas. Four days working and traveling… but I wanted to is it more of Portugal. What I couldn’t imagine is that in the same year I would visit it again, the Algarve.

I wouldn’t be able to describe the Algarve with a single word because nothing is as big to describe its beauty. We live five days integrated in nature. In contact with the Earth and the ocean. I grew up near the beach and the sea, but this year I had an incredible connection with them. There I was, I found myself, I knew to listen to me and understood what I wanted in my day to day. Each place gave me forces. Do you know that feeling of not wanting to return? So I felt in the Algarve, I needed to be there. So now they are my favorite and special beaches.

Top 5 Algarve Beaches:

5. Praia Do Falesia: first stop on our ‘Roadtrip’ by the Algarve. We started from the viewpoint,  to see the full sunrise from the top (you have the photos in this post). The cliffs are a geographical element of a part of the coast of the Algarve which form a few precious cliffs, white and reddish sand. It is a super wide Beach (almost 8 km of beach) and a clear, crystalline water.

4. Praia Dos Estudantes: more to the East, in Lagos. This small beach bordered by cliffs is known by the arc that connects two of the massive stones of the beach. We visited it in the afternoon and in the only cloudy day but it was just as nice. By day the tide is much higher and the water passes under the arch but impresses in every way.

3. Praia do Evaristo: It is a very small beach of Albufeira. By what we saw is exploited too much people on the sand, the little beach was full so we don’t stop there. What I liked most about this beach are their low-cut cliffs as if it were a puzzle. The water clashed violently against the cliffs, is a different, beautiful beach and from the top looked perfectly all.

2. Praia do Carvalho: It is found in Lagos. It was Beach who made me feel who I am. It was the beach that I realized all that was around my head when I peeked down its cliffs, the first that allowed me to find myself and think about my life. From the top, the views are amazing, but no longer surprising when you access it through a small and narrow tunnel. From the east side of this beach you can jump to the water from about 10 meters in height, impresses but it is easy to jump from there (seems more than really it is). In the water you can see hundreds of species, their water is super crystalline and around the rock of the middle and side walls looks a lot fauna marina.

1. Praia do Camilo: the number one, the best of the beaches we visited in the Algarve, also in Lagos. It left me speechless. We arrived in the early hours of the morning, with low tide and not  too many people. The water was completely crystalline and there were caves everywhere. It is a paradise. In another post I will tell you a little more about our little madness in this beach. Unfortunately very exploited by tourism. But despite this, no doubt I recommend going in the first hour. To access they are 225 steps but I repeat, it is a paradise, it is worth.


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Fotos por Leo Hidalgo (@yompyz)


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