The Perfect Ring for each Moment

Good Morning Guys!!! How is going your day!? Today is a national holiday here in Spain so I have lot of time to go out and rest! Yesterday I was wondering me what would be a perfect post for November and I though It would be great to talk about aagement. Many times I have told you that I am of those minimalist people in accessories. Whether for necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, hair accessories… I don’t like those accessories that are the protagonists but It can change an outfit. There are moments in which accessories should shine on their own, especially when we talk about weddings. Engagement rings. They are a tradition. A symbol of the event. And it is therefore taking much prominence from the moment of the request with the engagement ring to the day of the wedding.

I am not an expert in weddings but yes, I have accompanied many girls to the altar and I can ensure that guests are always set in all the details of the wedding. It is her day and therefore it must shine by itself as it has never before done. There are many wedding rings but if I have to stay with one I’ll choose the morganite engagement ring. What morganite is? A gem with a soft elegant pink color. Its perfect for every bride. If you really think that it’s not as a color appropriate for you, maybe you would choose a ring with aquamarine gems, very concealed but with a touch of color. There are lots of precious gems apart to the morganite and aquamarine… But if you could only choose one color and one ring for your engagement day. What would you choose?

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