The Big Apple #MBGoesTo

Hi people!!! This day, our second day in NY, was the day I really understood why he is called the Big Apple. The distances are huge!!! You can’t imagine how big it is see it on a map! New York and its grid structure… I fell in love.

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We started in Grand Central Station where we spend more than an hour taking photos (lots of photos). I felt I was in a movie… It is impressive to see it in live. A building which contrasts with the modern skyscrapers of the city. With classic architecture and a very luxurious decorated, receives thousands of passengers every hour, thousands of tourists and travelers who want to know their history.

The atmosphere there inside is completely different from the Spanish stations at rush hour. Despite having hundreds of people in the same space You feels certain organization among them. People don’t disturbs and do not occupying large spaces when they go into group.

At Grand Central Station, we felt like in an action movie.

After the New York Library was waiting for us. How wonderful building! Perhaps too much touristic. We visited a third of the library and spent like an hour and peak there inside because I again repeat that everything in New York is so huge! As you see in the photos the weather still cold, and I say yet because it would be the last day of that week cold!

After eating a huge Mexican burrito we walked by the 5th Avenue. I think that when we started to walk we were not aware of what awaited us. As it seems that I am exaggerating, but true that no, every building, every local, all there has a different charm. Those infinite skyscraper continued to amaze me and it impacted me find cathedrals and most historic buildings among many modern. And the time came the moment in which we find our favorite store… Victoria Secret!

See You in a while!!!


Fotógrafo: Leo Hidalgo (@yompyz)


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