The best of our new city!

A couple of post ago I wrote of  the super exhibition of street art that we found in our new city: Lumière London 2018. As it could not be otherwise, and taking advantage of being the last day of the exhibition, we walked again through the city. This time we inform ourselves well and select the route that we would do. Nothing, take a bus and see it by chance. We were ready to kick us the city in search of something different. And we found it. We went through the center of London by walking. We walked almost 16 km in search of art.

One of the things that I’ve always liked London is street art. No matter the cold that made in London, you can find wonderful things. And see so many people, of all ages, walking in search of the same thing is mind-boggling. London is surrounded by culture, it is a continuous learning process. Here you appreciate art you’ve never seen before. Unfortunately, I am now working and don’t have much time to appreciate it. But if you have the opportunity to learn a little, do so. It is magnificent. What if I tell you, now that I live in London I see the city through different eyes. I still love but I have no conception that had it when he was on vacation. London has it all and at the same time there’s nothing.




Fotos: Leo Hidalgo (@yompyz)


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