• Czech Republic
  • A Different Summer Holidays: Visiting Pravčická Brána

    Do you know something about Pravčická Brána? But what about Narnia? That was our destination this summer vacation, Czech Republic. The best thing about going to Pravčická Brána is that there was no mass tourism. In the middle of the day many Czechs and Germans climb to mountaineering but first thing in the morning, when […]

  • Lifestyle
  • Júzcar: The Smurfs Village

    Do you know that the first Smurf village in the world is located in Malaga? Well, rather it was, because since August of this year they have left the title. Despite all, the village still painted in blue and it will continue so long in blue. If you don’t know, in Malaga most of the little villages of the mountains […]