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  • Dalmatian Mood

    Good morning guys! A beautiful Dalmatian, a spectacular background and three girls with their outfits… Explosive combination for a little photo shoot. Few days ago Leo went on business trip and Sole, Maria and I went to Fuengirola to play with his Dalmatian. So we finished eating in Fuengirola and doing a little gossip. I don’t know […]

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  • Marrakech Style in Bolonia, CADIZFORNIA

    Who said that in the South of Spain there isn’t good beaches? I haven’t travelled to the North of Spain but I’m in love with Bolonia beach, with the super Ocean water, dunes, white sand… Spend a day at Bolonia (or near Cadiz beaches) in good company it’s one of the best summer plans. And it was […]

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  • Connect and disconnect

    Sometimes I need to disconnect… Suppress communication, interrupt it. Let the iPhone and don’t be worry if someone need to tell me something. Disconnect and explore new places. Lose me. Find me and lose me again. If there is something that will always last are the memories… I want to remember all, good and bad. Look back and cry, […]