• Portugal
  • Top 5 – Best Algarve Beach

    In my first 21 years of life I hadn’t visited Portugal. I hadn’t seen their beaches, their towns, their nature. In April of this year, two days before my birthday I had the first opportunity to travel to the neighboring country. I visited Lisbon and the surrounding areas. Four days working and traveling… but I wanted to is […]

  • Travel
  • Urban Art: New York SoHo

    New York… It is so impressive how quickly time pass. Writing about my trips I remember with joy these last few days of each trip. Despite being tired and some drawbacks, being away from home gives me a feeling of freedom and independence. Travel is the gateway to the world, a source of enormous knowledge, the […]

  • Fashion
  • Best Spring Dress (Forever 21)

    I’m almost 100% sure that you have seen a wall by its color, texture, graffiti… whatever it was, you had taken a photo with. Leo found this wall in Fuengirola beach, the perfect location for my favorite American dress! Maybe you saw it in the Haul that I did on Youtube, but it is not the same that see it […]

  • Fashion
  • A wedding in the beach

    Hi people! Since I was small I have loved weddings. I really love all related with them: preparations, clothing, places, photos… But this year has been the first in which I’ve lived two weddings from two points of view. As photographer and guest at the same time. It was a little bit crazy because you don’t want lose […]