Lately I’m uploading on my Instagram account a lot of snapshoots, you never know when you are going to find a background that you love. Or perhaps your meal is super attractive and you want to take a few pictures to share. Perhaps a normal photo becomes your favorite even if it is made with the iPhone! I think twice a month I’m going to make a compilation of photos so you don’t miss them . Who makes them? Leo, my best friend, timer, my mother, myself… Any time and anywhere I can find a situation to do a mini photoshoot.


My favorite snapshot? On the one hand I love the last one with my best friends in our school party, on the other hand the one with Leo in Playa Bolonia because it has me in love and I remember many moments on the beach, but also I love with the snapshot with my mother eating an ice cream (the best I’ve ever try) … It is difficult for me to choose between sentiment-laden photos, but what is the more you liked to you?

See you everyday on Instagram!!!


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  1. miriam says: Reply

    Preciosas fotos bonita!

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