As I promised I come back to bring you the photos I made with my iPhone in these last weeks. If you have seen my Instagram, now there is one predominant color (and I love it!): Blue! Blue as the sky, blue as the sea, like the swimming pool, of my clothing, blue on all sides.

In addition these days I’m off to Malaga and I don’t go out much, so taking pictures is a way to keep me entertained and improve (it’s difficult to take pictures of yourself without a tripod or anything help). But if I am honest, I can’t stop… between my cousins, uncles, birthdays and others events there are always someone/something at home!


My favorite snapshoot of this post? I think it’s the first one with my bowl made with coconut that I got some snacks for the pool. With one is your favorite? If you want to see many more photos you don’t doubt in go through my Instagram hanging photos every day!

With Love!!


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