Smoke Bombs in a Castle

Summer holidays!! I can’t believe I had finished my exams!! When Leo and I took this photos we hadn’t finished our exams (but we needed a rest). I bought a few smoke bombs, and after an exam I told Leo I would take him to an amazing place to make some photos. He didn’t know anything but he took the best photos ever.                                        (In the next post you will see more photos with smoke bombs jejeje)

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I grabbed the car and we went to a little village in Málaga. I didn’t know if we could get into the Castle because there could be people inside or it could simply be closed. But I took a risk… and it was worth it.

We spent a little bit of fear because it is in very poor condition: the ceiling seems to falls, and the ground is covered with debris. In addition people climbing pulls the Trash itself there. There were also many pigeons that flutter and the sound scared me more than once.

The purpose of this post wasn’t tell you or show you the outfit, I want to show you the wonderful/amazing/awesome/incredible photos that Leo makes (he didn’t know or that he had smoke bombs or that went to a castle in ruins… everything was improvised way). Anyway, I am telling you that the top is from mango, but it isn’t a top, is a romper that I wear with a pair of jeans above.

Photographer: Leo Hidalgo (@yompyz)

Thank you very much to spend a little of your time to read me. Kisses!

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