Shades of blue

The color blue that you see you is really the same that I see? Thousands of shades blue in the nature. Different shades according to the time, place, depth, light… Blue that turn green. Transparent that appear been blue.

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Most of you asked me for social media by the swimsuit that I’ve been in these photos. It’s from ASOS. It is definitely my favorite of this year, I love the shape, stamping, blue tone… In summary all around. As you can also see high can be used as body with trousers. In fact when I go to the beach or to the pool floor take it to go more cool and take back the air I love.

I hope that you have liked today’s post.


Photographer: Leo Hidalgo (@yompyz)


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  1. Nerza says: Reply

    Too cute dog! Your bikini is perfection! Great blog you have, stay inspired!

    I can rock any outfits, come follow my online diary

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