Second day in Oslo #MBGOESTO

As you can see we had a super cold weather the second day in Norway. My auntie gave me this anorak from Zara that I really love (it’s super warm and comfy). Moisture was not very present that day, but the sky was cloudy and there was fog and snowfall.

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There are two things that caught my attention:

  1. This day I didn’t use snow gloves, because my family told me that mittens were the best way to conserve heat and prevent the pain from my hands. I garantice you that it works, now I love mittens!!
  2. On my left arm I wore a reflective bracelet. I didn’t know very well its utility (I have one in Malaga and when I was small, I played with it) they told me that in Oslo is very frequent to take it in the forearm for foggy days or during the night. It seems to me a brilliant idea and as the sky was cloudy I din’t removed it all day.

I’ve always liked the snow and I think that I will always love it. I hope to live someday in a city that snows in winter, is like a dream for me. I don’t care if it will be in Oslo, NY, some German city…

For this week I believe that it has been a good deal of photos from Oslo and the snow, but I’m sure I’ll be uploading more pictures to my social media! I hope that you’ve enjoyed reading me and see you soon with the special Sunday post.

Fotografías: @yompyz

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  1. Ali says: Reply

    Amaizing place!!

    Zapatos Rojos

    1. Yes it is!!

  2. Jeanne says: Reply

    Beautiful photos! Stay warm!

    1. Thank you Jeanne!

  3. Faye says: Reply

    Lovely post, dear!! .x

  4. Super lovely photos!

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