Save the Planet

As writing poems, drawing, composing songs… There are also those who prefer to record small audiovisual works to express our feelings. Recently, I spoke of my experience by visiting the part of the Sierra de Mijas, which burned. But no, I showed the video I recorded that day. Does not come with many words today since I have suddenly been involved in a shooting and am a bit saturated work. That Yes, the coming week started strong with a lot of new content.

PS: I already have my next travel destination and soon to what you can think! (NEW CONTINENT!!)



Grabado por Bea Represa y Leo Hidalgo


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  1. miriam says: Reply

    Es una pena cada vez que arde la sierra … precioso video nena

    1. Y lo peor es que se repite cada vez más…

  2. que bonito el video!!
    besos guapa

    1. Muchas gracias!

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