PhotoShooting: Brooklyn Bridge

I can’t choose only one favorite photo from this awesome trip. I can’t even decide between what day was the most special to me… but this moment was so unique! Sole and I was for the first time in Brooklyn Bridge.  Leo was the day before while we were shopping at Jersey Gardens but we only had seen it from far. Two days to return and we had a spring weather.

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As you can see I was wearing for the first time my new Levi’s jacket. I bought it the day before at Jersey Garden. I couldn’t resist me with that temperature. It’s super nice to walk through New York without load with thousands of layers… NYC reminds me of Malaga in temperature! And although I got a new  pairleggins that I bought at Zara right before the trip.

Why you did you so many pictures eating a Pretzel Bea? It’s a long history but in summary was the snack that I most enjoyed the first time I traveled to the United States (with my family when I was 12). I have some great memories from that trip to Florida and I needed to go back eating one of those Pretzel (and that it be saved forever in photographs).

20/02/2017: First Time in Brooklyn Bridge.

I also wanted to speak today of my travel partners … for many was weird that there were three by the fact that he is my boyfriend and she my best friend. But you don’t know how lucky I am having them united in this adventure. They are two very important people in my life… so I am very happy to have both of them and to have shared this experience with them!

In the next post I taught more photos of this day that there are hundreds of them and all amazing!



Fotógrafo: Leo Hidalgo (@yompyz)


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