BONJOUR Á TOUTS!! I was waiting 8 years to came back to Paris. When I was 13, I went to DisneyLand Paris with my family but I couldn’t visit Paris. For me it was a dream, but I couldn’t imagine how is going to be my travel to Paris.

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I never imagined go like a backpacker to Paris. Although of course, go backpacking doesn’t mean you have to go in tracksuit all day or anything of that. As we said, Leo and I, had to go well-dressed to Paris, chic backpackers like I said.

Leo wore a shirt that he bought in Forever 21 in London. I preferid to used my new dress from Zara with a scarf used like a choker (it fell down over and over again). I only could bring with me a pair of shoes and it was the hardest decision… i chose this pair of black Nikes and they were the worst decision ever. After the first day I had lots of wounds and blisters.

You can see the video of PARIS in this LINK

I hope you love the photos and see you soon!!


Photos: Leo Hidalgo


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