NY TAXI! But in Málaga

Hi September! I start this month with energy! I wanted to post these photos before, but I didn’t want to delay all  the beach photography so I decided to leave them for the beginning of September. In Antequera we find a New York cab, a yellow taxi!

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During the summer the blog has been more dedicated to Lifestyle, travel and adventure than to fashion… The reason isn’t because I don’t want show you looks, but hate the wet heat that we have in the South, so I prefer to show you the places than outfits.

Whenever I look at the photos I think “I wish I had been really in New York”. I wanted so much to go… but hey, it will come with effort and hard work. Of time the trip of the summer still not it have made, but is in standby (not know if I can go). Where have you gone this summer?


Photographer: Leo Hidalgo (@yompyz)


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  1. Rachel says: Reply

    Beautiful photos! So chic!


    1. Thanks!!

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