Urban Art: New York SoHo

New York… It is so impressive how quickly time pass. Writing about my trips I remember with joy these last few days of each trip. Despite being tired and some drawbacks, being away from home gives me a feeling of freedom and independence. Travel is the gateway to the world, a source of enormous knowledge, the cause of that restructuring my head with every experience… Travel is to learn and discover. But not only discover places and people, is to discover ourselves.


That morning we were doing the Sandemans free tour with Raul, the Guideman. We visited Wall Street and learned a lot about the structure of the city. I know that there are people who prefer to make tours one of the first days, but we are those ones who did a day before our departure. I’ve never before had being in a free tour but after that I will repeat without doubt. At the end of the visit you can donate the amount you consider appropriate at nobody will look wrong (he didn’t look how much money we gave to him). A sign of confidence in his audience.

After that we ate in ESSEN, a chain of buffet that we design ourselves our dish to taste from a variety of food (hot and cold). Recovered and firmly continue our last (full day) in Manhattan, in search of street art by the famous New York’s Soho.

I love to remember this trip, see photos, editing videos… I do not know what will be my next destination or I will teach, but I’ll take everything I’ve learned of this great city.



Fotógrafo: Leo Hidalgo (@yompyz)


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  1. Rena says: Reply

    Obviously you enjoy NY!
    xx Rena

  2. Las fotos son geniales, estuve bastantes dias en Nueva York pero no fui a ver los grafitis!
    La proxima vez o pueden faltar, me encanta tu reportaje!

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