Mi 23th Birthday. The First one in London

Saturday, April 14 2018: my first birthday in London! It is technically the second birthday abroad, but living in another country was more special than the last Birthday I was in Lisbon. I didn’t have any plan in particular, I just wanted to go out with Leo by London and enjoy the city. Ah well and veggie food, that was what I asked for! In addition, I had a new dress for my birthday! By the way It was my grandmother gift. She sent me money to buy me something and I fell in love with this dress from Urban Outfitters just when I saw it. Although it seems a skirt because it is strapless and and I had to put something up, but I can’t wait to summer to use it more. By the way I have not mentioned it! You need to appreciate the good weather that we had on my birthday! It was the perfect day. Up to 26 degrees an April 14 in London is the best gift. I felt super lucky.

The route? Uff.. we were throughout London. But there is nothing we like more than enjoy the city on a good day. In fact we find places that we neither knew existed. We walk, and more walk and bike for the city (It couldn’t be a great day without cycling) and enjoy the best company we could have. Leo took out the camera and what a photoshoot so cool! He made me the best gift.

I was avoiding buying new clothes in London, but the change of season has caught us surprise and my wardrobe is full of winter clothes. By the way, we have discovered a new restaurant: Giraffe World Kitchen. The name says it all, their menu includes starters and dishes from all around the world and the food has amazing quality. Leo and I have already repeated, and we can’t wait to return. We asked for Turkish food and Mexican with some sweet potatoes fries of accompaniment. Delicious! And for dessert vegan ice cream of Udderlicious in Covent Garden



Fotos: Leo Hidalgo (@yompyz)


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