MoMA and Empire State Experience

If you follow me from a time you know that each city that we go we try to visit the contemporary art museums. New York wasn’t going to be an exception, aso we went to the MoMA. In class I’ve been 4 years listening about it but it didn’t start here. What day you can go by free? Fridays at 16:00. What’s the matter? The Museum is full on Friday. Do we recommend it? It depends on the time you want to spend on it. In the video at the end of the post you can see our experience.

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After visiting the MoMA we went walking to search the Empire State Building to use the CityPass we buy (we paid for 3 attractions). Night Manhattan impresses you a lot, with hundreds of taxis yellow circulating, huge crowded avenues… There are always people in New York, nothing is empty.

See Manhattan from the Empire State is simply amazing.

The first thing you do (after the queue that we didn’t) is climbing on elevator 82 plants. In the video I recorded look like we got in less than 45 seconds… Also the roof of the elevator is a screen and they tell you the characteristics of the building.

The million-dollar question: what is best to climb the Empire State or the Rockefeller Center? Personally I recommend both of them and more if you are a week in the city. Enjoy the wonderful views of NY twice is an extraordinary experience, in addition so you up at night and one day to compare. From the Empire, logically, you have that stamp of Manhattan with the Empire centered between the buildings. But knowing that being in one of the most emblematic buildings of the city and admire the financial district from the top is worth. I don’t think one is better than the other, each is spectacular and has a different charm.

I wish I could go back to being at the top of New York… I know that someday I’ll be back and not be neither better nor worse, it will be unique and special as each of the adventures I’m living since childhood.

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Fotógrafo: Leo Hidalgo (@yompyz)


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