London snow 2018

One of the things that I most like about travel in winter is having the opportunity to see snowy cities. It’s the first time that I’m in London in winter. Since we arrived on january we were looking each night the weather to see if the temperature went down. Two years ago we traveled in January to Oslo, obviously It was snow. Last year in Rome it snowed few hours after leave the city. And the same thing in New York, a splendid Sun in February. The truth is that whenever we travel we caught good time and London has surprised us. Since we arrived in the city from January 16, 2018 we had had no real cold days.

I remember that Sunday we went to Marylebone Farmer’s Market, it was snowing for some minutes but it didn’t layed. We saw a few fine flakes of snow fall and disappear to the touchdown. But this time was magical. The first big snow fell on Tuesday. Right in my day off. I was cooking with Sole and suddenly we saw a white coat fell on the houses. We went out to the street and already sunny we playing around with the snow. But when we reach Soho, snow had disappeared. The next day I was working from 6:30 in the morning. I woke up at 5 o’clock without I peek through the window to do not disturb to Leo who was asleep. When I was having breakfast Leo awoke and ran the curtain. OMG.

It was everything white: streets, rooftops, trees and everything indicated that this time snow would last. I think that it has been the morning I have less struggled to get to work. Everything was white, just a couple of cars and people had passed through the streets.  The way to work was beautiful, I stopped doing photos and videos for each corner. I was almost late! I switched to running in my rest and called Sole for walks and get pictures in the snow thinking that at any moment it could return to disappear… At 11:30 I was preparing a cake for a client when I suddenly decided to look toward the door. I just wanted to see if it was still snow-covered sidewalk. Only saw white flakes falling, just the buildings were from in front.

I was super excited, looking forward to completing work and as soon as I left I walked with Sole by the Centre and we collected the work Leo. We went to Piccadilly to take some pictures when suddenly he… began to snow again! Do not you believe, I think that emotion you see in the photos. One of the best days in London. Despite not to go well prepared and with sneakers that calaron and I froze my foot would not change anything about the day. A unique experience I will never forget.

I don’t know why, But I’m in love with the snow.




Fotos: Leo Hidalgo (@yompyz)


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