London, my friends and me

I have been exactly five months out of my city. Away from my country, my family and my friends. Although I’m not complaining because I have one important part of it here: Leo and Sole. My coworkers occasionally ask me that why not return in summer having everything in Málaga. And Yes, there we have everything: Sun, weather, beach, amazing sites, my people and good food. But here I’m learning a lot of things here, and I feel that there is still more things to learn. I’m learning to be independent, to earn what I want and above all to work. I work 38 hours a week, and the truth is that today I need a break and I wish to return for a few days to Malaga, but at the moment I need to keep working. But you know what? I’m super fortunate for what I have.

Since I am here I have received four super important visits. First came my cousin and his partner and my aunt just a week later my mother, her partner, my brothers and Patri. Then Leo’s mum! Boom! All suddenly made the gray days most beautiful. And Yes, we all have days bad, and so many miles from home on those days I just want a dinner with my friends, my girls, a time on the sofa with my mother or a walk out by the beach. It is not the first time that I speak on the blog of my girls (nor will be the last). Friendship is a super important part of my life, but my friendship with my girls is something that nobody can describe, they are everything. This year 2018 is the first that we have separated: two in Malaga, two in Poland and two in London.

The best thing is that now they are also part of my adventure in London.

And if you read Me: Laura and Auxi I’m waiting for you!



Fotos: Leo Hidalgo (@yompyz) & me (@bearepresa)


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