Let’s just go Somewhere

How I promised, this summer The blog will be super active because I have lots of places, outfits and much more to show you. Taking advantage that Leo works as a photographer for a company that organizes travel for Erasmus Students in Malaga I signed up to go to the last excursion of the year: Playa Bolonia. For me Bolonia is the best beach in Andalucía.

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 Let’s Just Go Somewhere!

All I want to say that for me, travel doesn’t only means taking a plane and go far to get to know new places and cultures. Many times we find extraordinary experiences a few miles away from our home. It helps us to find ourselves and rediscovering the places. Two years ago I went for the first time to this stunning Beach and it surprised me so much that every summer I try to return.

I only can say that it was a gorgeous day: beach, Sun, white sand, time to practice a little English, music, sport and much more. One experience to remember always. I still do not know all the places I will go this summer, but it’ll take you somewhere.

Photos: Leo Hidalgo (@yompyz)

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