Last day in Oslo – #MBGoesTo

A little problem has delayed this post a few days but how I promised, today we close this section of my trip to Norway: #MBGoesToOslo… but don’t worry, in two months Leo and I will go again on a travel! These last two days we were in the mountains with my family. The first day was crazy, they took us to a snow sledge track ( I never heard of any). Leo slide down with his camera despite the risk: many people, too much snow, falls and ice. You can see our adventure in Leo’s Vlog:

It was a tiring day as you can imagine… In my opinion it’s more tiring than doing ski. I have a desire to repeat that day, it was amazing. Unfortunately that day also was our last night in Oslo.

At dawn we woke up earlier to make lots of things and we went to the top of the mountain. Everything is so beautiful that we stopped often along the way so Leo and I could take some photos and even down to a completely frozen lake in which I decided to get some rest. We then had a great Odyssey at the airport that we delayed nearly 5 hours.

Certainly Oslo has been a great adventure for us. I’m very sad to close this section… but I know that soon I’ll be visiting other places and discover them with our photos. I wanted to thank you for the great reception that we have taken on the Oslo posts, everyone who reads me are part of this great adventure we had.

But this is not the end… I have lots of ideas in my head to share and I hope that you love! We are in contact on social media every day as of usual.

#MBGoes to:  To Be Continued

Photos: Leo Hidalgo (@yompyz) y algunas @bearepresa

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