I’m going to move… out of Spain!

Say GoodBye to your life isn’t easy. I really wanted to live in London… but the farewell, I really hates them. Since the first time I was in London I wanted to live (at least for a while) here. My plan was come here after finish my degree, but we need a lot of money so I was working the last month to afford the experience. We rented an airbnb house because nobody wanted to rent us their house without contract… so we have some problems because we don’t have a proof of address until today!

Life in general ins’t easy, but you need to stay positive and continue working… follow your dreams. If you want to go to another country just go!! But be careful, you have to be enough responsible because is a big decision. I love Spain, and I love my city but I needed a change… and now it’s the time!




Fotos: Leo Hidalgo (@yompyz)


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