How to wear: faux fur coat

Just a few days ago, a friend told me that she found on sale a faux fur coat for only 15 euros but she didn’t buy it because she was ashamed to wear it. She was afraid that what people say. I admit that sometimes (more often in the past)  it happened to me. I don’t like that this continue still happening this because, after all, fashion as well as many other activities, is a way of expressing ourselves or show a part of us.

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I’ve always thought that there are clothes that can be excessive for for some occasions, but if you’re really comfortable with your outfit, Why don’t wear it? I personally think that any cloth can be used for any occasion whenever you compense colors, textures, fabrics and shapes. For example: I love crop tops tight to my body and I always have two options: use something skinny or loose. The first option is more fancy, something that you associate with night and party but… what happens if you get him a poncho or an oversize jacket and sneakers? It totally changes and becomes look completely from daily. Because exactly the same happens with this kind of coat, you can use fur coat for every single events/moments.

Yo siempre he pensado que hay prendas que en algunos momentos pueden resultar ser excesivas, pero si compensas tu outfit no tienes porqué dejarla apartada. No sé si me explico bien… Por ejemplo me encantan los crop top bien ceñidos al cuerpo y siempre tengo dos opciones: usarlos con partes de abajo pegadas o sueltas. Cuando optas por lo pegado lógicamente vas a obtener un look mas “fiestero” o de noche ¿pero qué le pasa si le metes un poncho o una chaqueta oversize y unas zapatillas? Cambia totalmente y se convierte en look totalmente de diario. Pues exactamente lo mismo ocurre con este tipo de abrigo, todo se basa en compensar las formas, colores y texturas.

Jersey: Primark (new) /  Troussers: Zara (sales 2015/16) / Boots: Zara (a/w)  / Lipstick: Rimmel London

And you love to wear fur coats?

I hope that this post liked so much as my and see you soon! Many kisses

Photografer: Leo Hidalgo (@yompyz)

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  1. Love that look! Looking great in faux fur!

    xx Sarah-Allegra

  2. Amazing coat!!

    Mónica Sors



  3. Raashi says: Reply

    You’re so right about outfits being completely changed with just one item!


  4. Gabrielle says: Reply

    These are such great photos of you; I love how you’ve mixed a variety of backgrounds for the jacket and the trousers go perfectly with it! You make a good point about fashion meant to be about being a fun way of expressing ourselves – I hope your friend will choose to wear her 15 euro find sometime soon! 🙂

  5. Ann says: Reply
    Gorgeous pictures! Love this post!

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