Hampstead Park and Parliament Hill + Eating in Ginger & White Coffee

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If you are in London and you organize well your visit, you must visit the hills of Hamsptead. If you are staying in the area don’t hesitate to visit this lung of the city. Located north of London, Hampstead Heath has, from Parliament Hill, one of the views from which to contemplate for free the Skyline of the city. Londoners walk with their dogs and children at all times and tourists are recreated with the wonders of nature (more details after Ginger & White).

In our way we found, next to Hampstead Station, Ginger and White. 

Location: Perrins Ct Street (map at the end of the post) just 3 minutes walking from the Hampstead subway station (Northem Line) and about 20 minutes walk from Parliament Hill, Heart of Hamsptead Park.

Timetable: Open from 7:30 a.m. to 17:30 p.m. Monday-Sunday.

Design: It is a small place located in a pedestrian street where siting in is complicated. It is very popular in the area and people don’t hesitate to bring their laptops to work there. Which means they stay there for a long time. In spite of everything, if you don’t go in pick hour, you will find some free chairs. In summer there are queues but it has a terrace so if you are lucky you can enjoy an outdoor meal. The design of the premises is very informal, has a large common table in the middle of the room and a bar in the window.

Food: They have a small letter on the wall where they expose the 7/8 dishes available. It’s fresh food, kind of brunch. In our case we had to choose vegetable soup, stew, toast or salad. But as it varies it is a matter of going and looking at what they have that day. They have a shelf full of breakfasts and desserts with very good looks. We tried a vegan peanut brownie and it was very good but they are not made there.

Coffee/Tea: It is a little more expensive of the average London and they charge for the alternatives vegetable 50p. They work with the Square Mile roaster coffee.

Hampstead Park is a great option to visit in both season: winter and summer. Although I would not recommend it on rainy days. It’s such a big park where getting lost is not difficult. Forests, meadows, hills, lakes, historic houses, a butterfly garden, track of athletics… He’s got everything. If you visit in summer you have the possibility of bathing in the lakes. There are three and only one of them is mixed.

If you visit the park do not hesitate to walk around the neighborhood. The area is known to have been and to be the residence of millionaires, artists and personalities of the culture and the world of the spectacle. In Hampstead you can see some of the most beautiful villas and private residential buildings throughout the UK.



Fotos: Leo Hidalgo (@yompyz)


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