What If I Use Hair Extensions?

Since I was very little, I learned how to do some hairstyles to myself. I did it better than my brothers and my father, but I liked to make diferents things in my hair. That made that I used to imitate my mother and my older cousins when they were doing things super cool on the hair: braids, buns, ponytail… I love all their hairstyles. When I was only 5 years old I learned to make braids to myself so when I was a teenager I always braid my friends hair. I saw pictures in Pinterest but I couldn’t make them equal. Even when they were girls with a very long hair, braids were so much thinner. I didn’t know was happening until I discovered clip in hair extensions.

 The clip in hair extensions are the key to do your best hairstyles. They are super easy to use and super easy to hide between your natural hair. It add a couple of inches and volume to our locks without waiting for them to grow. Since I discovered them I always put it under the second section that I would take it to make my braids. The effect is amazing, give it a million times more volume to your hair. If you want to give even more effect put second a clip in hair extensions about 10 cm away from the other one.


The best type you can buy are virgin hair one, it means that is hair completely unprocessed and intact. If you buy synthetic hair  extensions you cannot use any heat on them. Then you have to choose the length, weight, texture and type depending on your hair. I used to recommended two or three inches more than the length of your natural hair. But it depends on the style you want. Its important remember that our natural hair will not be damaged, they are safe and you can use it for the day and removing it for nights.

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