How expensive could your grocery shopping be in London?

Everybody said that London is one of the most expensive cities in the world. But you don’t know how expensive is living in London until you stay here for a while and do your grocery for the first time. Before being here Leo and I said that until we didn’t have a job we couldn’t eat out. Just in emergencies, but something really cheap. But in general we always will eat and take dinner at home. The culture of the tupperware works very well, and more for two fresh out of University.

This it is not the first time that we are in a low cost mode in London. Two years ago we were half-month of summer here and we already practice the buy in supermarkets technique to eat out. We had more or less examined the prices of the products, but it is not the same to enter into a supermarket to buy some fruit and something to eat at the moment that shopping for a whole week.

In the central areas of London, most of the supermarkets that most are Tesco Express, Sainsbury Local, Waitrose and other small shops. Then there are local businesses of various types, sometimes cheaper and sometimes more expensive. There are supermarkets everywhere, and the prices are quite affordable. But to make a large grocery shopping is noticed that prices are inflated. Known that, we decided to go to zones 3-4 to do our grocery in bigger stores. They are larger, they have more products and better prices. And above all, just find two supermarkets that we known very well: LIDL and ALDI. The prices are very similar to the Spanish, only that in pounds. The quality is good and they have hundreds of products. During the first week and peak have been eating breakfast, eating and dining for less than £ 20 each.  And we have allowed us some treats, fruit and vegetables without regard. I know that they aren’t the only cheap supermarkets. ASDA has also good prices, but as in Spain is not me I have guided more by supermarkets that I know.

Certainly if one wants to save in London he bide them is. And at the moment we are going well!!




Fotos: Leo Hidalgo (@yompyz)


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