If this summer we weren’t traveling to England, we had to search a solution that we approach a bit more to this country that we love, and well, living in the South os Spain it was very easy: we went to Gibraltar.

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We love travel more than a child loves candy!!  I thought the trip to Gibraltar was longer but in my opinion it wasn’t. Upon arrival good decided to adapt us to the English schedule and after a ride through the main street, we went to the buffet of pizza to eat and get some white chocolate cookies.

Once we bought a few provisions and eaten pizza we started our adventure. We didn’t want to go to the rock, which is typical when people visits Gibraltar (we already had visited) sowe decided to surround Gibraltar in search of a beach to give us a bath.

As you may have seen in the video we were lost… very lost because Gibraltar is a maze. Streets dead-end on all sides, infinite slopes and not pedestrian streets that we had to take to continue with the adventure. It was crazy! And for a few moments I thought that it could not complete due to lack of water (we were almost 40 degrees and high humidity). But in the end we got it and came to this beach that you will see in the next post!

Photographer: Leo Hidalgo (@yompyz)


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    Great photos! look so stylish!

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