First week in London

This life is crazy! A week ago we came to London and we have no wifi still in the apartment. We are taking buses every day… I don’t know in what day I live. Today it makes just a week came and on Saturday I did the first job interview for GAP. I shouldn’t convince them much because I didn’t received a call, but that will not stop me. Looking for a job is tough, but I do not rule out any option I know I’ll find something soon. Around the theme of healthy eating I’m very stuck trying to enter in an organic supermarket. It wouldn’t be bad to begin with. We will see if I have luck!

Otherwise all is fine here. Occasionally we stroll through Hyde Park, which by the way seems amazing to me. We go from the hustle and bustle of Central London to the tranquility of not listening more than the rest of walkers, the squirrels, the wind and the trees. It is super close to our house, but when I close it took us 5 minutes literally walk. And as we take bus, we planted there in one stop! Life here is different, even if we do half English half Spanish life life unless we are being “healthy”.

The best of all is that the first three days in London we didn’t see a sprinkling of gray in the sky! These photos are of one of those days. I went out without shelter, with a huge Cardigan and a jersey underneath but it was great. Now this is no longer so, we with the typical rain here. And I have not seen the sky blue, but hey, that saddens me not!

I will try to update more Instagram, but I don’t want to run me out of megs! To see if the technician returns to manage the wifi problem! Sorry for my english, the British Library is going to close in 6 minutes and I really wanted to post it before!!!



Fotos: Leo Hidalgo (@yompyz)


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