First day in Oslo #MBGoesTo

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Hi guys! I know the main theme on MessyBlonde is fashion… but when I was in Norway my priorities was being warm rather going fashion due to the weather. The first day was -15ºC… That was too cold for me! Every day I had to wear three layers of clothes on my legs, two or three socks and four or five t-shirt and sweaters. And on top of that I join the beanie, the biggest scarf I had and gloves.

It was so cold outside that my hands frozen, it even hurt when I moved them. I refused to take my camera out of the bag so I used Leo’s camera. It wan’t my first time in Norway, I went there when I was 10 and 12 years old and I really appreciate this country. I love the snow, I love this culture… but it’s the most expensive country I have ever been. I know I’m going to return but I don’t know when so Leo and I enjoyed the travel as much as we could.

I didn’t have an appropriate anorak for those temperatures… but fortunately my aunt gave me a lot of them, one different for each day. I think that I will publish three more post about the trip to Norway because I have so many photos to show you and many anecdotes. But I will mix them with outfits and other posts here in Spain so that it is not very repetitive… What you think about the idea?

I hope you enjoy the photos and see you soon!!

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  1. Carina says: Reply

    Wow! Stunning pictures, such a wonderful place! Have fun!


    1. Yes it is!! Thanks for your comment

    1. Oh thank you!

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