The colorful night in Fuengirola

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Last weekend Leo and I went to Fuengirola funfair to enjoy ourselves. We danced, took photos… just like last year we didn’t get on any roller coaster or something similar. I knew that I didn’t like cotton candy, but we bought one to take some beautiful photos. We didn’t take lots of them because when we were seeking for the nice lights, the cotton candy was melting in my clothes, in my black and new clothes. I was a little angry because my new boots were sticky and roses like my t-shirt, but when itdried I was able to clean almost everything.

Cape: Primark / T-shirt: Zara / Trousers: Zara (old)  / Boots: Zara 

I think this is my favorite fall outfit. In Málaga the weather isn’t cold enough to knitwear, so I only weared it at night. I hope you like this post as much as me! See you every day on Snapchat and Instagram!


Fotógrafo: Leo Hidalgo @yompyz

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  1. Ashlee says: Reply

    So pretty, I love your cape!

    1. Oh Thank you! I love it too!!!

  2. Esther says: Reply

    Great pictures, I love your outfit! It looks like you had a really great time 🙂

    xo, Esther

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