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Last week Leo bought a new camera to create new and awesome videos in his new Youtube Channel:  Yompyz . I couldn’t resist me and open a new section on my channel, My Daily Outfits, where I’m going to upload about my university outfits.

I didn’t feel comfortable with this style at the very begin, but I’ve been getting used to dress skirt wit sneakers and now I really love it.

Fotografías y vídeo: Leo Hidalgo 

I’ve never dress like that until my friend Laura told me to do it. It is not the same skirt but I show a couple of photos that we did that evening so you can see the well feel despite having different bodies.

I hope to see you on social media!!

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  1. Nina says: Reply

    Gorgeous pictures.

  2. Great style and beautiful pics

  3. Tijana says: Reply

    Qué fotos tan bonitas! Siempre me han gustado las fotos con graffiti. Estás preciosa y esa mezcla de falda y zapatillas es todo un acierto! 😉
    Un besito


  4. Kelsey&Kenecha says: Reply

    What fun photos! 😀 I really like your outfit x


  5. maria says: Reply

    beautiful photos!! <3
    you have a pretty blog.


    1. oh thank you!!!

  6. Gabrielle says: Reply

    It’s always exciting having a new camera to work with! You look lovely in this outfit and I love the photo of you chatting on the bench!

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice

    1. Yes it’s! I love the new camera!!! You are so sweet! xoxo

  7. Karen says: Reply

    What an amazing photos! I’m loving the outfit.

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