Dalmatian Mood

Good morning guys! A beautiful Dalmatian, a spectacular background and three girls with their outfits… Explosive combination for a little photo shoot. Few days ago Leo went on business trip and Sole, Maria and I went to Fuengirola to play with his Dalmatian. So we finished eating in Fuengirola and doing a little gossip. I don’t know if ever I have told you. I am one of those person that prefer a meal with friends to a night of partying. In fact, me no matter if it is for a meal, snack, dinner, a drink… but I lov to sit somewhere with my friends. Talk about everything and nothing. And if it can be in a new place it’s better.

Believe it or not you in Malaga we continue to dress up like in summer. And Yes, the weather was too warm for my outfit, but it was what I wanted to get. I am going to confess one thing, I’m obsessed with those pants. A little more than one year ago that I bought them and I remember that in a post you had you how bad that thought I would be wearing them. And here I am a year later, leading them in a thousand different ways, taking more profit than many other items in my closet.





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  1. Emma says: Reply

    Que bonitas fotos!
    besos guapa!

    1. Muchas gracias Emma!

  2. Ainss que bonitas fotos y que pintaza tiene eso 😉

    ¡Besos mi ChicAdicta!

  3. Pero que cosita más bonita, los looks cómodos para andar trasteando todo el día. y la ensalada tiene una pinta exquisita.

    Te dejo mi nuevo post, oriental vibes

    1. Muchas gracias!!!

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