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  • Peanut Butter & Cacao Nibs Chickpea Blondies

    bocados de cacahuete

    Looking for something healthy to eat when i have cravings I found a similar recipe of chickpea blondies on Pinterest. I changed Milk chocolate for cacao nibs and vegan white chocolate (I don’t like milk chocolate) and the result was awesome. I don’t know if you try to change the flour for chickpea but it doesn’t […]

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  • Bye Bye April!

    April… one of my fav months (note that it is the month of my birthday). One year more with his bipolar weather, somedays more typical of summer and days that remember to winter. A few days ago we took these pictures on the beach… it was a perfect day with lot of heat. Today I am writing […]

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  • Sweet Snack on Thursday

     Follow me on Bloglovin Last week Leo and I invited our friend Laura to have a very sweet snack in Málaga Center. On Thursday we finish the classes at 6:00 pm but… Who could denny a cake and a milkshake? I really love lemon and cheesecake so we took these two flavors and a vanilla milkshake. University makes […]