The Best Vegan Carrot Cake – No Added Sugar

Good morning!! I’m going to confess something… I am super excited to see Jane the Virgin again! I’ve been months and months and months waiting for the third season and finally is availabe on Netflix! The first day and saw three chapters when I realized I was craving for something sweet. In my house we don’t eat lots of sweets so there was nothing that I wanted to eat. Until I saw the last Dubai date (the best I have ever tasted). I went back to the couch to eat it when suddenly I was craving for a cake… so I did one without recipe! I used all the ingredients that I wanted and really… the best vegan cake I’ve ever tasted! Sweet but without being cloying, creamy, with hints of banana… and healthy! By the way, it was the first time making a vegan cake!

I decided to not use sugar since I have a lot of dates (the normal ones) which I bought the other day. This also was my first time cooking with dates, in my house we use sugar since I can remember. Some months ago… I hate dates but I promise that in the cake they provide sweetness but not flavor. And the carrots… I don’t know what they have but each day I like them more and more!



  1. Blend oats until it’s as if it were flour and add yeast. Separate into a mixing bowl.
  2. We grate our carrot to be in small pieces.
  3. Blend (with a mixer, food processor or whatever you have in your house) the dates with a little bit of water until it makes a dough. It doesn’t have to be homogeneous (may have small pieces gives a purple color to the cake).
  4. Once the dates are past (without removing them from the mixer) add two bananas and our favorite vegetable drink (if you don’t like any you can add a little water or cow’s milk if you’re not vegan).
  5. Mix everything in our mixing bowl and add a splash of vegetable oil. I missed about a fifth of a Cup, go a little less than a quarter.
  6. Stir everything very well with a whisk and prepare our container to bake it. I put it on a Duralex container and spread some flour on the bottom to make it easier to unmold it.
  7. We put it in the oven at about 170º celsius for half an hour and have it ready to enjoy.



Photos by Leo Hidalgo (@yompyz)


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  1. eiii, pero qué pintaza tiene eso, me gusta, me gusta 😀
    probaré la receta, gracias por compartirla

    1. Gracias a ti por tu apoyo!!

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