Baker Boy Street Style for Autumn 2017

Do you know the best thing of being in autumn? Officially we are in the black clothes season!! Back to the black! And this it is finally time to wear my new hat: the baker boy one. It may look like I’m joking but this outfit is from today (30th October 2017), but when the weather will be colder I’m thinking in wear this outfit with a long sleeve t-shirt or a sweater. Its awesome how a hat and a pair of socks can renewal outfit. Probably with a pair of sandals I would not call even half of our attention, but it is the magic of add-complements.

As you know we’re going back to the old fashions that I call “from our mothers” and if I tell you the truth, I never thought I would wear more than a half of the clothing that today I love to wear. Fashion is cyclical and here we are returning to fashion what was already past. If you’re looking for a basic baker boy hat I found mine in Stradivarius. These pair of  socks are from Bershka but they are from last season.




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