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If you follow my Instagram account you know that I don’t stop traveling during this summer. My last trip was organized to film a video in the Algarve. We changed the destination the day before and we went to a very touristy area (and that we had wanted to camping), we decided to make camping at some of the best areas of Algarve. You don’t know what view provides the free camping, nothing related with sleeping in a closed camping area. We had the best views and many nights good company with the same plan.

But… is it legal to make camping in Portugal?


Legal, legal it isn’t. But what we did is technically overnight. In addition we did respecting the houses and hotels and most importantly, without fire or leave waste in places where we camped. We usually slept in parking near the coves and beaches and there used to be a couple of caravans and some cars going with stores in the same locations as us.

Portugal, although I speak more specifically of the Algarve, is one of the places where I’ve seen more camping and where there is more tourism in caravans. We had Spanish ‘neighbours’, but also Germans, Dutch, French… it was full of people with our mentality and our way of traveling. It is the first time we’ve done a long roadtrip and the first time we camped so many days, but I promise that I have wanted to see where will be the next. Sleep in those cliffs, get out to many of the morning to see those landscapes, dawn with a beautiful light illuminating the Portuguese beaches… There is not a word that defines well the beautiful experience.

If I have to stay with one single campsites would be without doubt in the parking between the beach of Benagil and Carvalho. My favorite landscape for dawn and where I felt safer every night. But go, that there are thousands of sites for camping and but look at the forums of auto caravans! We find it later and it could have saved us more than one headache lol

We leave here a selection of tents. Although ours is 2 seconds by decathlon I recognize that buy it for amazon is much more comfortable!

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Fotos por Leo Hidalgo (@yompyz)


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  1. miriam says: Reply

    Que pasada de sitio y de vistas!!!! Me encantan este tipo de posts Bea!!

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