A Different Summer Holidays: Visiting Pravčická Brána

Do you know something about Pravčická Brána? But what about Narnia? That was our destination this summer vacation, Czech Republic. The best thing about going to Pravčická Brána is that there was no mass tourism. In the middle of the day many Czechs and Germans climb to mountaineering but first thing in the morning, when we started the climb we were almost alone. Can you imagine two Spanish there? Arriving to Pravčická Brána wasn’t easy, but its was amazing: one plane, buses, trains and a lot of walking. So today I’m going to show you the route that Leo and I did. .

  • We left from London Stansted with destination Nuremberg first thing in the morning. From Nuremberg Airport we decided to walk to the city. It’s about an hour and a half, but if you want there is a subway that takes you straight to the city center. Why didn’t we pick him up? The subway machine was only in German, we were overwhelmed and we decided to walk.
  • We took two night tickets with Flixbus from Nuremberg to Dresden. The bus went out at 2 in the morning and as we were exhausted we fell fast asleep on the bus. (Between 15 and 30 € per person)
  • From Dresden we took a train at the station that left us at Schöna station (you will find it on Google as the last station of Reinhardtsdorf-Schöna). Literally in the middle of nowhere. A lot of nature and the river Elbe that separates Germany from Czech Republic. By the way we were almost alone on the train and the reviewer goes to check the tickets. We took them out at the station for €6.2 per person.
  • Time to cross the border, when leaving the station and down to the river there is a gentleman with a boat in which you can pay both in euros and in Czech crowns. In euros was 1.5 per person in crowns 80. If you don’t have Czech money, in Hřensko there are two cashiers. One you can see it just up the river and is on the point of information, but it’s going to charge you commission. It is better to start walking along the main street of Hřensko (to the left of the river Kamenize) and you will find another. And it is important to have cash because nobody take cards there. By the way, no one spoke English.
  • From Hřensko we began to walk along the road to the crossroads with the road that goes up to Pravčická Brána.  I leave a photo of the crossing (the fourth photo is the sign that indicates the ascent to the Pravčická Brána). Also coincides with the bus stop, so  you cana also take the bus.
  • Once on the mountain you just have to follow it. On top you need to pay for the entrance to the Pravčická Brána: 3 euros for adults and 1 euro for children, elderly, retired, handicapped and students.
  • It’s a magical place. First thing in the morning just up people and you can enjoy it quietly, the views are wonderful. There are people who go up and down the same road, back to Hřensko, but our path followed the route to Mezní Louka. The road gets long and hard, but it’s a mountain route. There you will see the locals climbing in sandals, barefoot and moccasins, but hey do not arriesguéis and wear sportswear for comfort.
  • Once the route is finished you appear in the small village of Mezní Louka (no supermarket there, just the Hotel’s restaurants). Our hotel there was Hotel Mezní Louka, located on the other side of the road just at the end of the route. It is a quiet hotel with quite large rooms and with a good breakfast buffet. When we start the route as soon as we finish at 6:00 pm. We showered and rested and were able to walk to the village next door: Mezná, where we went down the river and climbed to enjoy a good Czech menu. I have to say that Czech cuisine stands out because of the amount of meat. I’m vegetarian, so I asked for a lot of vegetarian sides! We ate at Penzion Na Vyhlídce.



Fotos: Leo Hidalgo (@yompyz)


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