6 Things to Pack for you Summer Trip – Algarve Coast

Could you believe me if I say that we didn’t use half of the clothing that we carry on the trip?  I said “we” in plural because it isn’t things of women, Leo was in the same situation as me. When I was preparing my travel bag I thought “I need another shorts (…) I also need more underwear (…) and if I need another t-shirt?”. And while we were traveling I was living in swimsuit. Did I bring so much clothes? When I first started to travel alone (without my mother) my suitcase was always full of “If case I need” and with a lot of things that are super. Little by little I was realizing all that I have in my travel bag, and even to Rome we travel without luggage… but the key came recently, when we saw the documentary “Minimalism” (available on Netflix).

If there are people who travel with a backpack months… How can I not be able to be one week out with a few things?


So Bea… what should I bring with me to travel?

  1. Toilet bag: I could say that it is the most important thing. A toothbrush, a tube of toothpaste, a hair brush if it’s necessary, a bar of SOAP or a small boat (do not need much gel for shower), shampoo and if necessary… If you don’t travel alone you can share products: If you take the gel and toothpaste your friend/couple… can take the hair products with him.
  2. Clothes Bag: I recommend carrying a travel bag or sports for the comfort of remove and store things in them. Suitcases are more difficult to open them without removing from the car… For a summer trip in the car (about 6 or 7 days) you don’t need lot of clothes, with a couple of swimming suits, a couple of t-shirts, a comfortable pants, pyjamas and underwear (can wash underwear and not carry more) and a beach towel would be enough. At the end you always end in a swimsuit. Ah well! And a sweatshirt in case cooling.
  3. Blankets and tent: If you do camping or you travel in a caravan don’t forget bed clothes. In August in the South of Portugal It was cold… you can’t imagine!
  4. Two pairs of shoes: sneakers and flip-flops will be covered throughout the trip… If you are the driver I recommend you to take a couple more than running shoes if you get wet (say this from experience, in addition to drive with flip-flops is not permitted).
  5. A fridge: Blue’s beach fridge to keep the water cool and good.
  6. Essential objects: wallet, reusable water bottle, sunglasses, sunscreen, camera, mobile, some laptop battery, chargers and some will be more essential.

Time to disconnect and to live the adventure to the minimalist… but really you don’t need anything else! With that you already carry things very well.



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