The city that never sleeps… The Big Apple… Many are the nicknames of the city of New York, known among other things for the  cheaper flights if we know where! With all this I am going to give 5 tips for those who are going to visit The Big Apple!

1. Search a flight 6 months before the travel date. There are statistics that show that long-distance flights have a drop in their price between 23 and 27 weeks before the date of departure. It isn’t something accurate and sometimes you can’t find the cheapest flights in the time you want. But planning it 6 months before we can get around 20% less in the reserved rate. If you add booking on Tuesday it is likely that you get a better price!

2. Can’t wait for choose an accommodation to purchase the flight. It is better that you just take a look at prices to know an approximate price, but it isn’t necessary to have a closed accommodation to book the flight at the same time. The best it’s to continue waiting for it to get a good deal that take advantage. If you came the accommodation at the same time that you book the flight it’s likely that a little later you see an offer for the same accommodation… and I hate that!

3. Don’t be afraid to hostels. They have a very bad reputation in Europe, but the reality is very different. People say that they’re dirty and noisy, with uncomfortable beds where you can’t just relax. But nothing similar with all of my experiences. In general people who staying in such places are open-minded and respectful. They are travelers, not tourists and what they want is exactly the same as you… There will be exceptions but you must read the reviews that people always write of the places in which they rest.

4. The humble neighborhoods aren’t as dangerous as they have shown. From my own experience the Bronx and all the north of NY isn’t what we think.  No one, and again gave us a bad face, no one came up to us with bad intentions, or told us anything to be foreigners.

5. Sometimes is cheaper sleep in Manhattan than in Brooklyn. When we decided to go to my first choice was sleep in Brooklyn by economic issues. But I found hundreds of accommodation on Manhattan, with more requirements and for less price. We spent 7 nights at the Broadway Hotel & Hostel and pay 250€ each with taxes included. In addition to take accommodation in Brooklyn is daily losing a good time by public transport.

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