Go by bike at College!

You can’t imagine the heat that made last Friday in Málaga!! Even with skirt and short sleeve T-shirt I was heated… but for this time we only had two days with sun and now it’s raining (but tomorrow we will have sun again!) . Just before the winter I began to go by bike to College. There are approximately 10 kilometres from my house but there are many slopes. Now it seems that we return to the good weather it’s time to use the bike and take the advantage of riding to the University for make a little bit more  sport.

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First I think that I need to save money to buy me a new bike. This was a present my mum gives me more than 10 years  ago and I really don’t know how I can still riding it. Although while not breaking I can continue to use it. Second I also want to do more travels so I need to save more money more time if I a want a new bike.

In another post I will show you some photos with Leo’s bike although I guess that them you can see on Instagram first!. You will love that photos… but at the moment we see us in the next post with the second part of New York! (By the way you have a video new in my channel).

And Yes, you can ride in a skirt !

Remember: You can’t be sad while riding a bicycle.

Photos by: Leo Hidalgo (@yompyz)


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