“Why can you afford so many trips!!? You don’t stop to travel: Paris, now Newcastle…” I think that was the comment that you have made me more times. We love travel, and we try to search the most cheaper tickets (we only pay 10 euros for two tickets to Newcastle and 10 euros to return). Maybe it seems I’m not going to upload more outfits… but I promise I’m going to take some photos when we finish our finals exams.

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That was the 2016 last travel: a little city in the north of England in winter. I think there not a touristic city, but we found lots of locations to visit there. We only stay one night in the city because it was a 24 hours trip and we walked around the whole city.  I made a vlog for you to see which places we visited. Sometimes travel helps you to clear yourself and live complex experiences. We spent a long and chilly night in the Airport (it wasn’t the first time).

What is true is that it was the first time I’ve travel on dates close to Christmas and I was very excited by the lighting. What happened? Newcastle is a very small city, so It was very very poor. But hey! that not removed me the illusion of walking by an English Christmas market or stroll by the seaside watching the lights of the houses.

Traveling to Newcastle in December was a wonderful adventure but… what was my first destination in 2017? People who follow me on instagram already must know it because I recently visited a European capital that we had never been in.

Soon I will inform you more and I will show the photos.


Photos: Leo Hidalgo (@yompyz)


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