Outfit cinema event – #19FestivalMalaga

This week I was so busy due to the Cinema Festival. If you followed me on Social Media (Instagram or Snapchat) you could see lots of images because I had been at the cinema all day. Monday night was that we choose to go to a gala and I was a little more formal than usual I wanted to show you the photos.

Thinking about all the things we had to do, including walk a lot, I decided that my outfit had to be something versatile. In the end I decided to wear a red stuck dress as if it were a top with skirt to make it seem like a dress. I love the combination of colors and the combination of fabrics of this look, probably I’ll repeat one party night.

Red dress: Mango / Skirt: stradivarius / Heels: Stradivarius

Little by little I’ll be returning to the rhythm of the blog that with so much hustle and bustle has waned a little rhythm! I hope that this look so easy liked and I send thousands of kisses.

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