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    Lately I’m uploading on my Instagram account a lot of snapshoots, you never know when you are going to find a background that you love. Or perhaps your meal is super attractive and you want to take a few pictures to share. Perhaps a normal photo becomes your favorite even if it is made with the iPhone! I […]

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  • Marrakech Style in Bolonia, CADIZFORNIA

    Who said that in the South of Spain there isn’t good beaches? I haven’t travelled to the North of Spain but I’m in love with Bolonia beach, with the super Ocean water, dunes, white sand… Spend a day at Bolonia (or near Cadiz beaches) in good company it’s one of the best summer plans. And it was […]

  • Fashion

    Summer “officially” begins (in my calendar)!!! Pool, beach, ice cream, watermelon.. And  this first month of summer, also too much study. I don’t know what happened to me, but this summer I love the trend “Flower Power” as I like to call it. Dresses, blouses, skirts, I like everything. I see lot of clothes that I would love to […]

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  • Strawberry & Banana Nice Cream – Vegan Recipe

    Have you heard about a “Nice Cream”? Now that I’m more informed for the Power Plant Based Diet I see lots of bowls and bowls of delicious fruit recipes. The concept ‘Nice Cream’ comes to replace, logically, the “Ice Cream” because vegans doesn’t consume cow’s milk in their diet. There are many ways to make it and combine […]